Happy Holidays and New year from Alexis Folk

To all my MMP fans, I wanted to send a MailChimp email out to all my fans; to wish you all a very joyful and restful holiday season! They’re some interesting events in the works for 2023.  They’re some pretty amazing opportunities listed below.   Once again  they all involve  the joyful  honor of  representContinue reading “Happy Holidays and New year from Alexis Folk”

New August Inspirational Blog!

Dear Meeting Mighty People Fans: The other day, I was working on the background pieces that make the Meeting Mighty People Podcast project fun, interesting,  and enjoyable for me, being the  proud host of this amazing project. One of the best parts of this project honestly is being one of the big voices of advocacyContinue reading “New August Inspirational Blog!”

New Summer Blog Swimming Benefits

Ever wondered about the benefits of swimming and adapted fitness for people with Cerebral Palsy, or any diverse ability?  Well, here I will share  my thoughts on this topic. People with diverse talents can sometimes procrastinate or get busy doing things involving their personal passions or interests. Sometimes I feel it takes too much effortContinue reading “New Summer Blog Swimming Benefits”

Update MMP blog and new growth!

Hello MMP Fans, In this blog I will be giving an update on MMP magic that has been in the works lately! So the most  recent exciting event the MMP Podcast host  has been  involved in lately is the schoolwide Sharks Den Entrepreneurship Challenge! I am very proud that the effort, thought and time paidContinue reading “Update MMP blog and new growth!”

October 24, 2021

Greetings everyone of all abilities, Today I wish to give everyone some background information about the upcoming Meeting Mighty People Podcast episodes. I also will share why I chose those AMAZING MMP interviewees to discuss certain disabilities lifestyles and types of programs people with disabilities have access to? Well Thank you to Easter Seals BCContinue reading “October 24, 2021”

September 18, 2021

Hello everyone this is Alexis Folk, host of the Meeting Mighty People Podcast! Thinking in the shoes of others! Today I would like to challenge the world to be in a challenged person’s open mind and think about some barriers a person with challenges faces daily socially, physically, and even emotionally. Every person has challengesContinue reading “September 18, 2021”

August 20th 2021,

Hello Everyone, Today I feel the world needs some inspirational words of happiness for people with challenges, so here they’re!  If somebody has challenges and Is finding some activities difficult ask them if they need assistance with something but don’t anticipate they need assistance all of the time because sometimes things are very difficult livingContinue reading “August 20th 2021,”