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Lets Talk Disability Politics Meeting Mighty People

Meet Brittny Anderson,  Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) for Nelson/Creston, and Parliamentary Secretary for Accessibility and  MLA of Chilliwack, Dan Coulter.  This was an exciting episode because it gave me a glimpse into politics and understanding laws, both old and new, around disability rights, accessibility and funding models.  Here is the amazing story: One day, I was really fed up with the way people with disabilities and funding models were being distributed. So I decided to write a letter to Brittny Anderson and we eventually met in Creston at the farmer's market July 2022. In the discussion I got more information on the new funding model that is in the works. I then invited her onto my podcast so that she could talk about this new funding model and other new laws around accessibility so that other can learn about it. Brittny thought it was a good idea and invited Dan Coulter, who also has a disability, to the interview. Having first-hand experience living with a disability, Dan is passionate about creating an accessible province. This was a great interview, and I so pleased with how this interview turned out because it allowed me to give Brittny and Dan my perspective on living with Cerebral Palsy in a small community. I am hopeful that I will get to work with them in some capacity in the future. — Send in a voice message:
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Show Notes

Alexis Folk Meeting Mighty People Host gets interview by AT Banters

AT Banter Podcast Episode 303 – Meeting Mighty People Podcas… Wed, 9/14 6:44PM 48:51 SUMMARY KEYWORDS alexis, frog, podcast, people, horse, disabilities, year, organizations, cowbell, cerebral palsy, government, lis, talking, advocacy, sobeys, little bit, accessibility, bit, riding, community SPEAKERS Rob Mineault, Steve Barclay, Lis Malone, Alexis Folk Rob Mineault 00:18 Hey and welcome to anotherContinue reading “Alexis Folk Meeting Mighty People Host gets interview by AT Banters”

MMP with Noor Shaker

New MMP Podcast link  Noor Shaker is a 15-year-old teenager with cerebral palsy living in Port Coquitlam, BC, who decided she wanted to make a difference with how people with disabilities live an everyday life. She is a part of the StrongerBC Young Leaders Council, which has given her opportunities to talk to other youthsContinue reading “MMP with Noor Shaker”

New Meeting Mighty with Shawn

 Welcome Everyone!  My name is Alexis Folk, and I am your proud host of the Meeting Mighty People Podcast! Today I am pleased to introduce Shawn Marsolais, Executive Director and founder of  the Blind Beginnings organization!  Blind Beginnings is an organization that is dedicated to supporting children and youth who are blind or partially sightedContinue reading “New Meeting Mighty with Shawn”

Melissa Lyon New interview

Alexis: Welcome everyone, my name is Alexis Folk and I’m your proud host of the meeting where the People Podcast. Today. I’m pleased to introduce Melissa Lyon.  uI first met Melissa at the BC Cerebral Palsy Association workshop this February when I heard her story, I thought, “oh my gosh, I need to have herContinue reading “Melissa Lyon New interview”

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