New Summer Blog Swimming Benefits

Ever wondered about the benefits of swimming and adapted fitness for people with Cerebral Palsy, or any diverse ability? 

Well, here I will share  my thoughts on this topic.

People with diverse talents can sometimes procrastinate or get busy doing things involving their personal passions or interests.

Sometimes I feel it takes too much effort as a person with diverse talents when your Cerebral Palsy is handing you changing cards to work with for that day,but Iā€™m telling you yesterday I did not regret spending the extra time getting myself a swimming day which was my physiotherapy challenge yesterday.

People are uniquely different and may feel different benefits or repercussions but it’s important to do some different  physical activities during the day!

So yesterday I decided after my nap I would go swimming even with my challenging cards  my Cerebral Palsy dealt me. Why would I make this decision for myself? People with diverse abilities really do benefit from swimming in pools and lakes because of the Aquatic therapy benefits for everyone. 

I personally enjoy swimming in general. So it makes doing Aquatic therapy even better when being in the water has all types of therapy benefits. For myself I personally LOVE the fact that I can walk in the water without challenges compared to on land with gravity pulling me down and off balance. Also the bonus of water is that you’re weightless and you just float.

 I hope that helps inspire everyone to stay fit no matter what. 

Resources I used along with my own personal  experience and story below.

Swimming benefits for people with Cerebral Palsy

Published by Alexis Folk

Hello my name is Alexis Folk, I was born premature resulting in my Cerebral Palsy. I live in a small town in BC. I am currently going into grade 10 and I love swimming and volunteering for clubs. I have been horse riding since I was three years of age for fun.

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