New Very Cool Meeting Mighty People Podcast Episode # 21

To start off the show, I was wondering if you could tell us, our listeners, a little bit about your yourself, Brittany, let’s hear a little bit about why you were interested in becoming a politician, and particularly chose Nelson and Crest. . Yeah. Thank you so much Alexis. And like I said to youContinue reading “New Very Cool Meeting Mighty People Podcast Episode # 21”

New Special MMP Podcast Episode for you all.

Today  before we get started, I would like to acknowledge and respect and honor our First Nations whose traditional territory operates on school, District eight, and all the people residing within the boundaries. The school district eight. I would like to give a huge thank you to all the staff in school District eight. LittleContinue reading “New Special MMP Podcast Episode for you all.”

Alexis Folk Meeting Mighty People Host gets interview by AT Banters

AT Banter Podcast Episode 303 – Meeting Mighty People Podcas… Wed, 9/14 6:44PM 48:51 SUMMARY KEYWORDS alexis, frog, podcast, people, horse, disabilities, year, organizations, cowbell, cerebral palsy, government, lis, talking, advocacy, sobeys, little bit, accessibility, bit, riding, community SPEAKERS Rob Mineault, Steve Barclay, Lis Malone, Alexis Folk Rob Mineault 00:18 Hey and welcome to anotherContinue reading “Alexis Folk Meeting Mighty People Host gets interview by AT Banters”

New Podcast MMP with Marina Pasqua.

Welcome everyone. My name is Alexis Folk and, and today I’m proud to be hosting Marina Pasqua on the show. Marina has a brother named Marco who lives with Cerebral palsy Marina and her brother have gone to an inclusive camp for people of all abilities called Easter seals camp. Marina was a former actressContinue reading “New Podcast MMP with Marina Pasqua.”

New August Inspirational Blog!

Dear Meeting Mighty People Fans: The other day, I was working on the background pieces that make the Meeting Mighty People Podcast project fun, interesting,  and enjoyable for me, being the  proud host of this amazing project. One of the best parts of this project honestly is being one of the big voices of advocacyContinue reading “New August Inspirational Blog!”

New Summer Blog Swimming Benefits

Ever wondered about the benefits of swimming and adapted fitness for people with Cerebral Palsy, or any diverse ability?  Well, here I will share  my thoughts on this topic. People with diverse talents can sometimes procrastinate or get busy doing things involving their personal passions or interests. Sometimes I feel it takes too much effortContinue reading “New Summer Blog Swimming Benefits”

New Meeting Mighty with Shawn

 Welcome Everyone!  My name is Alexis Folk, and I am your proud host of the Meeting Mighty People Podcast! Today I am pleased to introduce Shawn Marsolais, Executive Director and founder of  the Blind Beginnings organization!  Blind Beginnings is an organization that is dedicated to supporting children and youth who are blind or partially sightedContinue reading “New Meeting Mighty with Shawn”