New Meeting Mighty People Podcast

Hello Meeting Mighty People fans. Today we have a special episode for you. I have been asked to be interviewed on my own show! How cool is that! 

Today, my producer and teacher of the visually impaired, Sofeya Devji, will be interviewing me on the Meeting Mighty People Podcast. 

I am excited to introduce Sofeya to this show. Sofeya has been working in the background, helping me put my show together for two years. She is a great person in general. Today, Sofeya will be interviewing me! 

Say hello Sofeya!

Sofeya; Hey Alexis. So glad to be interviewing you on your own show. Should we get started?

Alexis: Sure. Can’t wait.


Alexis, tell us a little bit about yourself. How old are you? What grade are you in? Do you have any hobbies? 

Hi I’m Alexis Folk. I am in grade 9 headed into grade 10 this coming school year, and my hobbies outside of podcasting, swimming and horse riding.  

Alexis. I understand you were born with Cerebral Palsy. Can you tell us a little about your life living with CP?

Yes,I was born with Cerebral Palsy, Cerebral refers to the brain signals Palsy refers to challenges with communication  to certain mussels.

 For example, printing at a fair speed to keep up with classmates is a bit challenging because It takes the mussels longer to send a  signal to the brain telling your hand muscles to move. 

Does that me you have to use a mobility 

Device such as a wheelchair or a walker 

Yes, I use a walker for short walking distances. I wear braces( Ankle Foot orthotics)  on my feet to help me walk straighter and be more supported. I also have a wheelchair I consider only if me and my family are traveling or if I am very tired. It’s not my go to source of transportation like my walker because, one day I had a person walk up to me and say something like I think you need a power assist motor  on your walker.

You have a popular podcast called, ‘Meeting Mighty People.’ Can you tell 

our listeners a little bit about what this podcast is about and how it got started?

Yes,  for sure Sofeya my podcast is a platform that was created to help spread awareness about the amazing challenges people with disabilities go through in order to succeed. This podcast brings the sunshine out in the lives of people with diverse abilities!  

This idea of starting my own podcast came about in 2020 of December when I was approached by my friend/ co-host to help out with creating an inclusive field trip. Then I was thinking about how my team and I can help make a difference in everyone’s life. My team and I turned to hosting podcasts. 

Eventually I have plans to get a psychology degree and provide more support through my podcast! 

What is the best part about being the host of the ‘Meeting Mighty People’ podcast?

Honestly Sofeya, when I hear and see the growth in people and that I actually made a difference in all the interviewees’ lives! That makes it great. 

What have you learned so far from all of the interviews?

The strong message was “everyone has the potential within themselves to accomplish their dream and  careers. Everyone’s situation is unique but we all have abilities.

 Have there been people who have helped you along your journey? 

Who is Marco and how has Marco helped you? I heard that you cohosted a meeting together? Can you tell us a little bit about that? 

Marco Pasqua is an accomplished Entrepreneur, accessibility consultant and amazing mentor. 

I noticed that one of the topics you discuss in the MMP podcast is around the use of language and disability. Can you tell us a little about this topic and why it’s so important to you?

Some people prefer identity first “disabled person” or “Person first language” Like Alexis Folk who lives with Cerebral Palsy. 

Personally this is a topic I feel it’s important to ask about so you respect people’s identity wishes when referring to their diverse needs. 

Alexis, you have been part of an entrepreneurship program at school. Can you tell us a little bit about this program and how you have been involved?

Yes as a class at my school for careers we as individuals were asked to create businesses. I did my MMP stuff and I did well! I also learned lots 

Where would you like MMP to go in the future?  

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In school for psychology to help  everyone and possibly marketing.

What do you think makes a mighty person, Alexis? 

A Mighty Person is someone who stands by a person who is having a hard time and helps make their lives better by sharing  personal experiences!

Thank you.

Until next time, this is the host of the Meeting Mighty People Podcast, signing off. 

Published by Alexis Folk

Hello my name is Alexis Folk, I was born premature resulting in my Cerebral Palsy. I live in a small town in BC. I am currently going into grade 10 and I love swimming and volunteering for clubs. I have been horse riding since I was three years of age for fun.

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